Bittersweet Studios

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Bittersweet Studios

🗺️ Address: 3738 Southside Blvd #106, Jacksonville, FL 32216, United States
📞 Phone: 904-451-2627
🌐 Website:

🕙 Schedule

● Monday, 6 to 9 PM
● Tuesday, 6 to 9 PM
● Wednesday, 6 to 9 PM
● Thursday, 6 to 9 PM
● Friday, 3 to 8 PM
● Saturday, 10 AM to 1 PM
● Sunday, 3 to 7 PM

⭐ Reviews: This company has over 174 ratings according to Google My Business.

About Bittersweet Studios

Bittersweet Studios is an aerial sports center located in Southside, Jacksonville, FL, USA. With a Google business rating of 4.2 from 174 reviews, it’s clear that this studio is highly regarded in the community. Customers have raved about the helpful and supportive instructors, with special mention to Lex and Andrea for their amazing Lyra instruction. The fun and welcoming environment at the studio is also praised, with one customer mentioning their positive experience with instructor Jayden in a pole class. They highlighted Jayden’s informative and encouraging approach, which made them feel comfortable while still pushing them to try their hardest. Overall, Bittersweet Studios seems to be a fantastic place for those looking to try something new and challenging in the world of aerial sports.

Sarah De Rosa
5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I love this studio so much! I have never done dance or any type of gymnastics, so aerials and pole were both foreign and new to me. However, all of the instructors are super helpful and supportive! Not to mention, classes are extremely fun with the perfect level of challenge for everyone. Lex and Andrea both are absolutely amazing Lyra instructors, and I’m so grateful for their patience and knowledge when it comes to teaching.

kamdyn smith
5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I came in for a pole class a few weeks ago, and my instructor was Jayden. My experience at this establishment was seriously so amazing! I used to pole dance a few years back, but moving cities made it difficult for me to stay consistent. The environment of the studio was fun and welcoming. Jayden was easily one of the best instructors I have ever had! She was extremely informative, had a great personality and attitude, and made me feel super comfortable while also pushing me to try my hardest! Thanks to Jayden and the studio, I have been able to fall in love with pole dancing again. I already have my next classes set up!

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