CoCreate Pole Fitness

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CoCreate Pole Fitness

🗺️ Address: 1500 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, United States
📞 Phone: 818-836-4203
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● Monday, 6 AM to 10 PM
● Tuesday, 8 AM to 10 PM
● Wednesday, 6 AM to 10 PM
● Thursday, 6 AM to 10 PM
● Friday, 6 AM to 10 PM
● Saturday, 7 AM to 7 PM
● Sunday, 7 AM to 7 PM

⭐ Reviews: This company has over 50 ratings according to Google My Business.

About CoCreate Pole Fitness

Located in Los Angeles, California, CoCreate Pole Fitness is a physical fitness program that has garnered a 4.8 rating on Google Business, based on 50 reviews. The studio offers a supportive community and personalized instruction for pole dancers of all levels, from beginners to advanced. The owner is actively involved in ensuring that the class catalogue meets the needs of the community, and the studio is praised for its friendly and welcoming environment. However, some customers have expressed frustration with the package and booking policies, as well as a lack of clear communication regarding the studio’s location and access. Despite these concerns, CoCreate Pole Fitness is recognized for its dedication to helping individuals improve their strength and confidence through pole dancing.

Olivia Youngers
I just felt the need to post my own review based on a recent negative review by Jax as she mentions me (another student though not by name) in it – I was not 15-20 minutes late to class nor did I skip a warm up. (I´m guilty of being 5-8 minutes late though which is my own time management issue) I have been 15-20 minutes late before due to traffic and turned around and went home because I knew that was faaaaaaar too late to enter and is my own bad planning. Meanwhile I was treated rudely by this specific person to a degree I have never experienced by another pole student in all the years I´ve been training in Los Angeles. She made it very clear she had no intention of being courteous to other students in the space whatsoever. Co-Create has been my magic charm for a long time, I´ve brought friends here both as newbies and established pole dancers because if you are looking for instruction geared toward understanding your own body and individual challenges with any pole tricks from basics to advanced moves, you´ll find that here. Along with a community that by and large loves and supports each other. The owner is constantly checking in to see if the class catalogue represents what the community is looking for in their instruction and if you come willing to be respectful to others, you´ll soon find friendships in addition to stepping up your sexy / strength.

Jax Rivas
I purchased a new member 3 pack of classes on 9/1, and wanted to enroll in a class that only happens on Saturdays. I didn’t know upon purchasing future classes wouldn’t be open and eligible to book. I bought the package and signed up for two classes on 9/9. You have two weeks to use the classes, but from point of purchase, not class date. The following class wasn’t open yet to enroll in; 9/16. I would assume that the trial starts after your first class, but I was blocked out to enroll 9/16 as it was one day past two weeks. I emailed and the owner extended the package by one day I could enroll. This is probably where I shouldn’t known this place would be a total pain to deal with. She extended it one day begrudgingly so I could book. Big long email about how it’s 2 weeks only; I wouldn’t have purchased credits had I known you had to use them immediately. You get a text to confirm, but the text won’t say the address or how to get to the studio. It’s all in a super long email that comes the day before. I didn’t check the email and I used GPS on my Maps app to get to the studio. It took me to their old location that they moved from about 2 months prior in July. When I pulled up to the old Studio with 10 min to get to the new one; I called the number on the website. First the owner told me how lucky I was that she answered her personal phone on a Saturday (ok, it’s listed on the website!) and that I has already been to her location before. Nope; never have been. When I said I would be arriving at the cut off time and could I still get into class; she said it was a danger to myself and others that I wasn’t warmed up. It was 90 degrees in LA. I was warm and it wasn’t my first pole class; so how do you know what my body needs to get warm? I asked if I could just get my money back because I didn’t want to wait in a hot car for an hour before my next class. She immediately got defensive basically calling me a scammer. She said she even waived the $15 no show fee for me. No show fee? I’m here! I’m showing! I couldn’t get to your studio because the wrong address is online and there’s no sign, no markings; and a key code and two flights of stairs with a closed door to get in. She said if the teacher will let me in I could sit and observe in the AC but not pole (this is a class I have paid money for and I’m standing at the door ready to take!). Well no one answered the door and so I sat in the hallway for my next class. When I entered it was a decent class and the AC wasn’t on at all. I did ask for it to be turned on halfway through the class and it did help. The owner did come through to the class after and I introduced myself and she said she was glad it all worked out. Worked out for who? The next week I get to class barely on time (traffic sucked!) and of course, after a 15 min warm up a student comes through the door, and gets let into class. So the policy isn’t consistent, and if it’s class number two, the door has been left open for students, and no one is late! So glad it worked out for them 😉 This studio is a POLE FIT studio through and through! Cliquey, hot, hard to get to, ridiculous policies, literally try any other LA pole studio before this one..

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