Foxy Fitness and Pole Training Studios

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Foxy Fitness and Pole Training Studios

🗺️ Address: 355 7th Ave #306, New York, NY 10001, United States
📞 Phone: 646-683-0205
🌐 Website:

🕙 Schedule

● Monday, 3 to 9 PM
● Tuesday, 3 to 9 PM
● Wednesday, 3 to 9 PM
● Thursday, 3 to 9 PM
● Friday, 3 to 9 PM
● Saturday, 12 to 5 PM
● Sunday, 12 to 5 PM

⭐ Reviews: This company has over 76 ratings according to Google My Business.

About Foxy Fitness and Pole Training Studios

Foxy Fitness and Pole Training Studios is a dance school located in New York, USA, with a Google business rating of 4.4 based on 76 reviews. The studio offers pole training and fitness classes, providing a fun and engaging atmosphere for customers. While some negative comments have been made by clients, the majority of reviews praise the studio for its energetic and skilled instructors, as well as its welcoming and inclusive environment. Many patrons have expressed satisfaction with the variety of classes offered, highlighting the positive impact the studio has had on their fitness and confidence. Overall, Foxy Fitness and Pole Training Studios appears to be a popular and well-regarded establishment for those interested in pole training and dance fitness.

Jailene salazar
1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I booked a private birthday party of 6 girls, however there were only 4 poles available which meant we had to take turns and this was not mentioned. Not only that but certain tricks weren´t allowed because we were consuming wine. I wish this information would´ve been explained prior to booking, however it wasn´t. I booked for 3 hours, however the instructor only taught for 40 minutes max. The instructor was not prepared to teach since there was no choreography and also ran out of tricks to teach. We kept insisting that we wanted to learn more tricks but she showed signs of confusion. The instructor was not confident in showing us more moves and wasn´t engaging. She even prepared to leave early, putting on her outside clothes and mentioned that she had to go to her other job and she was the only one at the studio. We didn´t get the quality of our money´s worth considering how expensive the class was. Not to mention, she wanted us ready to go by 7:45pm when I paid until 8:00pm and not 7:45pm, my party and I felt rushed. Also, there was no playlist so I had to DJ as well. I also noticed that you guys advertise these rooms with party lights but we didn´t experience this. I am highly disappointed with my experience here.

Monica Jia
1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Hung up on me before I finished my question. I was excited to be ready to sign up but this awful customer-facing attitude completely changed my mind. If people are not respected here, how am I supposed to trust I would have a good time.

– Update on 1/31/2024 –
First I want to thank the business to response to my comment. To avoid confusion, here is the main context in my call. I asked if the new student package of $179 in the NJ location is still available because it wasn’t an option when I registered an account and was ready to pay. The lady who picked up the phone said “if it’s on the website then it’s available.” I kept going asking “It is on the information page, but…” She then hung up on me here. My full question was “…but it’s not in the Mindbody page at the time of purchase.” I wanted to call to confirm how I could purchase the package at the first place because I was so ready to sign up. But with that “you can go research yourself” attitude got me confused and upset after being hung up. Also you can see that they can’t keep consistency of their main website and Mindbody website. I still want to check pole dancing off my bucket list, but this place would be a no. I value experience and interaction.

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